2wenty2wo Gun Stencil

After being told “spray a big 2wenty2wo across it”, this is what happened.

3 layer stencil sprayed by Shaun Jay at Kingpin Bowling Macarthur’s M9 laser tag arena.
The first stencil is three ‘all seeing eyes’, a symbol of the Illuminati, two are upside down. The second layer is the 2wenty2wo logo, the queens head and gun beside her because it’s in a laser tag arena. Final stencil is the queens details in black, shes done.

Music by: 123InDaPlaceToBe
Filming & Editing by: Shaun Jay (2wenty2wo)
Paint used: Ironlak & Kolours supplied by Ozgraff.com

Date:Jul 2013
Client:Kingpin Bowling